Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Dilemma of rosé wines

Whenever critics score a wine, the rating will hopefully be as close as possible to the highest score. But does this apply to rosé wines too? 

The questions should be: What do we expect from rosé wines? Do they need a full body? Do they need the potential to be drinkable for a long time? Do they have to be very complex? No!

Rosé wines are summer wines. They should be fresh, immediately drinkable and modest. We want to drink them in between. So the criteria for highest scores are totally different from our expectations to rosé wines.

We don't want 100 point rosé wines. We want them between 80 and 90 points. So what can we do?
1. Score rosés higher, when they are fresh and young, thus a perfect summer wine or...
2. accept this paradox and proclaim that we prefer rosés in the corridor between 80 and 90 points.

Or how do you like them?

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

WineInspector TV - Ep 01: Château d'Epiré Cuvée Spéciale Grand Cru d'Anjou AOC 2011

Today in the glass...

Astrolabe Loin de L'Oeil 2010:

I tasted it in August the last time. Still good, but disappointing compared to the August tasting. Needs at least 14°C (57,2 F). Otherwise it tastes like water. I better look forward...

Welcome to our new Blog!

Firstly we introduce the WineInspector magazine (English and German language):

Please write down your feedback into the commnt section.

We tasted:

Rothes Gut Riesling QbA 2011: 90 points
Rothes Gut Hibernal QbA 2011: 91 points
Rothes Gut Meißen Goldriesling QbA 2011: 89 points
Rothes Gut Meißen Müller Thurgau QbA 2011: 88 points
Rothes Gut Meißen Scheurebe QbA 2011: 86 points
Rothes Gut Meißen Helios QbA 2011: 89 points
Schloss Wackerbarth Gräfin Cosel Rosé QbA: 93 points
Franz Keller Oberbergener Bassgeige Spätburgunder QbA 2011: 87 points
Château Chalon Salvadori AOC 1998: 90 points
Domaine Conte Fruité AOC 2009: 92 points
Domaine Carcenac Prunelard VdP: 90 points
Château Lousteauneuf Cru Bourgeois AOC 2009: 91 points
Château d’Epiré Grand Cru d’Anjou Cuvée Spéciale AOC 2011: 85 points
Château d’Epiré Grand Cru d’Anjou Le Hu Boyeau AOC 2011: 80 points
Château d’Epiré Grand Cru d’Anjou Moelleux AOC 2011: 88 points
Domaine Macle Côtes du Jura AOC 2008: 90 points
Gamla Merlot 2008: 89 points
Tibaneli Saperavi Single Estate 2005: 88 points
Nemea Red on Black AOC 2009: 87 points
Montes Kaiken Malbec 2010: 91 points
DFJ Vinhos Portada Winemaker’s Selection 2010: 86 points
DFJ Vinhos Casa do Lago Cabernet Sauvignon Grande Reserva 2009: 87 points
DFJ Vinhos Grand d’Arte Alfrocheiro 2008: 90 points
DFJ Vinhos Escada Reserva DOC 2009: 88 points